Texas Dall Sheep and Hawaiian Ram hunting is another exciting exotic hunt we offer at 5F Ranch in Texas. These majestic Rams make an excellent trophy exotic hunt all year long. Their color ranges from white to a slate brown and are known for their yellowish-brown curved horns. They make excellent trophies and can be hunted by elevated stands, blinds, or Spot and Stalk. Central Texas provides an excellent environment for Trophy Texas Dall Sheep and Hawaiian Ram hunts. We are happy to accommodate you for your next exotic ram hunt at 5F Ranch in Texas.

$3,500  | 3 day/2 night

$3,250 if harvested as additional species

The Texas Dall/Hawaiian Ram Hunting package is a 3-day fully guided hunt for only mature animals which provides the hunter a selection of trophies.

Example 3 Day Exotic Hunt Itinerary

Day 1:

Arrive around 1-2PM, guest registration, orientation, un-pack, sight-in at firing range, afternoon guided exotic hunt, evening cocktails & appetizers, dinner.
Day 2:

Wake up around 5AM, continental breakfast, morning guided hunt, late full breakfast. Afternoon is free to fish, nap, watch football, lunch, afternoon guided exotic hunt, cocktails, dinner.
Day 3:

Wake up around 5AM, continental breakfast, morning guided exotic hunt. Departure by 1PM. (Guests can add shooting at our Sporting Clay range for an additional fee once every hunter has taken their desired game.)

  • 3 day/2night Lodging
  • All meals and snacks
  • Beverages and a fully stocked bar for evenings
  • Personal 1 on 1 experienced hunting guide
  • Field dressing
  • Comfortable travel around the ranch in our ATV’s
  • 3 man carpeted and insulated blinds
  • 2 man and 1-man tree blinds for Bow-hunting
  • 100% opportunity to see game – it’s a hunt not a guaranteed hunt
  • Complimentary Catfish/Bass fishing, kayaking, tour of our historic Blanket Springs cemetery and numerous other ranch activities.

Recommend bringing binoculars, and a good pair of rubber boots, Tan camo and or dark colors like black for blinds. Bring full camo for the spot and stalk opportunities. Bring house slippers or something clean to wear after your hunt when in the lodge. 

All bathroom showers have sent away soaps and spray to eliminate orders. 

Hunting Scimitar Horned Oryx is another Trophy Hunt we provide our guests here at 5F Ranch in Texas. The Scimitar Oryx originated in Northern Africa and has been extinct there for many years except for those now bred in captivity. The Scimitar Horned Oryx has flourished since its introduction to private exotic hunting ranches in Texas. Oryx are well known for their beautiful long horns, and males range from 300-450 lbs. Scimitar Horned Oryx hunting can be one of the most challenging exotic hunts you will experience. Oryx have excellent eyesight, terrific hearing and a superb sense of smell, and travel in herds...which makes it extremely hard to get close to them. 

The most successful way to hunt Scimitar is from a stand. Most of these stands will be hunting a water hole or food source. A spot and stalk exotic hunt for Scimitar horned oryx is almost pointless because there are normally twenty in a group, and they have exquisite eyesight and ears. Scimitar Oryx really have a sort of sixth sense they know when they are being hunted. When you see a shooter, you can hardly afford to pass as you probably will not see it again. A beautiful Scimitar Horned Oryx trophy hunt awaits you today at 5F Ranch!

Waterbuck Hunting

Imagine whitetail hunting season is over or several months away and you’re getting that itch to be sitting in a stand again. Look no further than a winter, spring, or summertime trophy Axis Deer hunt here in beautiful Central Texas. Axis Deer hunts are becoming increasingly more popular as an “off season” deer hunt and our private Ranch is loaded with free ranging trophy axis deer. Our area is fast becoming one of the hottest trophy Axis Deer hunting destinations in Texas. We have a hunt to fit everyone right here in the United States for trophy axis deer with easy travel into Dallas/Ft Worth or Austin year-round.

Your hunt takes place on the 5F Ranch private land, set up, patrolled, and managed for your success. Covered with Live Oak and Spanish Oaks and Pecan and Cedar Elm trees, we provide a supreme habitat for our Exotic game animals. Your heart will be pounding when you hear these large deer sized animals echo during the peak of the rut. It's like hunting elk and whitetail deer all packaged together into a fine-tuned hybrid whose sense's will challenge even the most seasoned hunter.

Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunts
Blackbuck Antelope Hunting

A Texas Hunting License is required for all exotic hunts; so bring your Texas Hunting License along with your weapon of choice, ammunition, camo and a few ice chests to take home your game. We have a nearby meat processor if you desire to have it processed close by or donated to Hunt for the Hungry.

For Texas Hunting License Information visit Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Waterbuck hunting is another thrilling exotic trophy hunt at 5F Ranch you can experience! Males range from 400-600 lbs and females 350-450. This is another of the antelope family originating in Saharan Africa. These magnificent Waterbuck also flourish here in Central Texas and we are happy to arrange your trophy harvest here at 5F Ranch!

$7,000 | 3 day/2 night

$6,750 if harvested as additional species

The Waterbuck Hunting package is a 3-day fully guided hunt. We only harvest mature animals which provides the hunter a selection of trophies.

Texas Dall/Hawaiian Ram

Blackbuck Hunts in Texas

Our motto is “DREAM BIG” and this is where your dreams come TRUE!
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Exotic Hunting Ranch

Waterbuck Hunting

Texas Exotic Hunting Packages

Axis Deer Hunts in Texas

Our Exotic Hunting Packages are all-inclusive with no extra or hidden fees – ever!



Prices subject to change if your hunt is booked longer than 6 months in advanced.  

Trophy Axis Deer Hunts at 5F Ranch in Texas provide an amazing terrain and herds to hunt. The Axis Deer originates from the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. The Axis Deer’s original habitat was low elevation, open country in forest regions. Introduced into Texas in 1932, Texas maintains the largest population of Axis Deer in the United States. Axis Deer hunting in Central Texas has been a long-standing tradition for many hunters and they are one of the most challenging hunts you will experience. The Axis Deer population in our area presents some of the highest concentrations of Axis Deer in all of Texas.   

Trophy Axis Deer are tough animals to hunt because they are more of a herd animal. This presents a unique challenge when so many eyes are looking for danger. Both female axis and male axis all will be in groups which makes it tougher to spot and stalk. They come down in groups of females and males together and contrary to a whitetail which comes down by itself, you have groups of six, eight, or twelve axis depending. Most of the 5F Trophy Axis hunts are conducted from an elevated stand tucked into the woods. Though an Axis deer will show himself on a field you will have better odds hunting the inner edges with cover and creek bottoms.

Axis Deer Hunting

Our Exotic Hunting Packages Include:

Axis Deer Hunts

If Exotic Hunts are your passion, then 5F Ranch is the hunting Ranch for you. Texas Exotic Hunts are world class at 5F Ranch. Texas has the largest number of Exotics in the United States with several species roaming our vast property. We offer thrilling hunts on Axis deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Texas Dall Ram, Hawaiian Ram, Scimitar Horned Oryx and Waterbuck.

Texas also holds higher populations of a few types of exotics, like Scimitar Horned Oryx, Axis Deer, and Blackbuck Antelope, in even larger numbers than their native Countries. The terrain here in Texas at 5F Ranch provides the ideal habitat for all our exotic species. This, combined with our accomplished guides, makes the ultimate Texas Exotic Hunt of a lifetime!

5F Ranch offers spectacular year- round, fully guided, Exotic Hunting on a variety of different exotic species. All hunts are fully guided and conducted from custom blinds or by spot and stalk. Bow hunting is also available for these majestic Exotic animals.

Texas Exotic Hunting Trips

We have two large open fields here at the ranch, the Serengeti, or the Pecan Hollow, where we can glass for Blackbuck. Most blackbuck hunters favor these areas because you can see so much and can have many shot opportunities. Blinds are constructed of all-natural vegetation so we can blend them in perfectly with the surroundings. We also can Spot and stalk after glassing, or we have an elevated stock tank that covers most of the Serengeti. Shots from the tank can go out just past two hundred yards. No doubt a Trophy Blackbuck is one of the most challenging exotics you can hunt and always a thrilling harvest at 5F Ranch.

Texas Exotic Hunts

$3,400 | (Trophy up to 18″) | 3 day/2 night

$4,400 | (Trophy over 18″) | 3 day/2 night

$3,150 if harvested as additional species | (Trophy up to 18″)
$4,150 if harvested as additional species | (Trophy over 18″)

The Blackbuck Antelope Hunting package is a 3-day fully-guided hunt. We only harvest mature animals which provides the hunter a selection of magnificent trophies. SCI measuring criteria is our standard for blackbuck.

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Oryx Hunting Texas

The Exotic Hunt Packages are a 3-day fully guided hunt. All food, lodging, meals, and beverages are included with Hunt Package.

Prior to starting your Blackbuck Hunt in Texas, you should understand these majestic creatures. The Blackbuck Antelope is a species of antelope that is well known for their beautiful horns, which give them a distinctive look as they generally curl about five times. Females range around 55lbs. and males around 77lbs. Introduced to Texas in the 1930s, their numbers now flourish in our area of Texas.  

Blackbuck Antelope prefer to be an open plane animal for defensive purposes. That way they can see predators coming and have a better chance of escape. Blackbucks are an extremely fast animal and instead of jumping they have a hoping motion which makes it exceedingly difficult for a cat-like animal to take them down as well as a tough moving target with a rifle. Male blackbucks are always walking around chasing female blackbucks constantly. Blackbuck Antelope are a small target and since they prefer open areas shots are going to be long most of the time, so you need to get a little practice in before you Blackbuck hunt.

$4,900 | (Trophy up to 39″) | 3 day/2 night

$5,900 | (Trophy over 40″) | 3 day/2 night

$4,650 if harvested as additional species | (Trophy up to 39″)
$5,650 if harvested as additional species | (Trophy 40+”)

The Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting package is a 3-day fully guided hunt. We only harvest mature animals which provides the hunter a selection of well managed and magnificent trophies.

Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting
Blackbuck Antelope Hunts

Texas Ram and Sheep Hunts

The antlers on a Trophy Axis deer make for a great mount and when it comes to table fair there is not a better tasting game animal than an Axis. Not just our words, this comes from most exotic hunters and wild game chefs. Axis is a super red meat with almost no wild game taste. This is a game rich environment for both rifle and bow hunters at 5F Ranch, so we are looking forward to meeting you this year on a Guided Axis Buck Hunt.

Exotic Hunts in Texas

$3,900 | (Trophy up to 30″) | 3 day/2 night

$4,900 | (Trophy over 30″) | 3 day/2 night

$3,650 if harvested as additional species | (Trophy up to 30″)
$4,650 if harvested as additional species | (Trophy over 30″)

The Axis Deer Hunting package is a 3-day fully-guided hunt. We only harvest mature animals which provides the hunter a selection of managed trophies. SCI measuring criteria is our standard for Axis.

5F Ranch